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    Fort McCoy, WI - In Processing

    When soldiers are reporting for in-processing, check in at the Fort McCoy's Mobilization Unit In-Processing Center to coordinate transportation, food service, billeting, and Soldier readiness processing. The center at Fort McCoy is open 24 hours a day to assist soldiers with issues or questions. After the initial in-processing, soldiers will join the 181st Infantry Brigade for further training. Separate meetings are set up with food service, the motor pool, billeting as well as many others to orient the soldier to the base in the least amount of time. The center is located in Building 2187 and is open Monday through Friday from 0600-2100 and Saturday and Sunday from 0730-1600. For after-hours assistance, call 2-3960 from on post or 608-388-3960 from a local community to check in, and report in person the following workday. To begin in-processing bring all paperwork including medical and dental records to check in.