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    Fort McCoy, WI - Educational Services

    The Education Center at Fort McCoy is providing high-school education opportunities to those who are in need of basic skills education. The Education center offers career counseling as well as college prep courses, and local colleges offer two- and four-year undergraduate and graduate programs. The Education and Learning Center at Fort McCoy is located in Room 123, Building 50 and offers a computer lab and a multi-use learning facility for all active duty military and their family members. Call 608-388-7121 for more information on specific programs offered.

    Adult Education Centers
    Education & Learning Center
    50 South O Street
    Room 123
    Fort McCoy, WI 54656
    Phone 608-388-7121 / 608-388-7311
    Phone (DSN) 312-280-7121/7311
    Fax 608-388-7183
    Fax (DSN) 312-280-7183

    Mon, Tues & Thur 0730-1800
    Wed 0730-1700
    Fri 0730-1600
    Sat & Sun - closed